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Finally my very own website

Nov 16, 2010

Finally my very own website

Since 2000 i have designed many websites but it is with great pleasure and also a little emotion, i can say and see my very own website taking shape. After many days of happy thoughts i found myself in many dilemmas: what format? what language? PHP? ASPX? Flash????
I then decided to finally put my hands on the still experimental HTML5. It was fun playing around with it and i really appreciated the simplification of the html tags. I then developed  the entire site with php strings.
Now that the skeleton is ready i started building up the web and the multimedia portfolio. 
The portfolio selection turned out to be a bit more complex then i thought. Apparently projects designed in 2002 can appear a bit old in 2010. I can really see the difference now, it's like seeing somebody after many years; definitely not what you remembered.
The choice of building a personal website, beside being way overdue, came due to a necessity to show my personal work and other web development projects to prospect customers. I am also considering the development of custom portal for customers to access and follow the development of their own - under going projects.
I guess in a few days the website will be ready to air! Beside the excitement to show friends, family and prospects (this very well kept secret) i am anxious to get the website launch party ready.
Stay tuned :)

By Magal Hezi