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SEO yes NO

Aug 5, 2013

SEO yes NO

It's time for reflection!

We all have been spammed repeatedly by oversee "SEO experts" with promises of amazing ranking results and we've been reassured of amazing return. It's curios that I say We all have. YES,, even though i provide SEO services, these companies spam me too. It's obvious they use a scraping spider for accumulating illegally as many emails as possible and then bulk email with the hope that someone will bite.

I'm convinced it's actually working or i wouldn't see it happening, so often, so aggressively. Makes me think, should i do the same? lets hold that thought....

So lets assume we all had SEO done, what would happen then? Are we all wasting time? Why don't we all count to three and stop with the SEO all together? hmmm.. lets try to analyze the first question:

Have you noticed how, when a new storefront business is opened, so much money is invested in furniture, cash register, pos system, merchandise, rent, advertising and yet, when it comes to online, most people trust chip supplier to be their Online experts. While a store furniture alone could cost $15,000 on average, some businesses budget $3000 for their whole online operation. With that realization we should understand that the fisical store spent $15,000 on furniture and still has monthly rent and and so many other expenses without going into details. And hey, we still need to get customers in. But that's OK, it's expected to spend, to get in debt, when you open a business. If only the same logic would be applied to online retail!

Imagine an online store who spends $5,000 for the development and $10,000 for SEO and advertising. Do you think they have a chance?

I've been doing this for a long time, and let me tell you, YES, you will be ahead. For some reason most online retailers are very conservative when it comes to invest in online marketing. Even though their website is their only storefront.

If you are serious about succeeding online you should definitely budget your online marketing and yes, it includes SEO.

Now going back to the original thought, what's the point if we all do SEO? The point is: most likely your competitor is not doing any online marketing but if you are in a very competitive market and PPC campaigns are costing you $10x click then you have no option but invest. The question is not if SEO or not but... do you want to stay in business. think of it as a business expense. And since we are there, lets think of how much an employee costs us, $1200 mo? 2400mo? it's still office overhead but imagine the return if you invested in online marketing. Outstanding!

image: Sunshine-Coast-SEO.jpg

By Magal Hezi