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Releasing Adrianorotondo.com

Feb 4, 2013

Releasing Adrianorotondo.com

I recently completed a new website for my client and good friend Adriano Rotondo.

Adriano was born 36 years ago in Cassino (Naples) (italy), where he still lives when he's not in Milan working. Since his travels in various countries around the world, He settles for short periods in cities like New York and London.

The keen sense of taste and passion for aesthetics help him right away to turn his passion for photography into a job.

He studied on his own and the following specialized courses that will help him to perfect his technique of post-production special little used in Italy.

His passion continues to grow, soon brings him to work with celebrities and the most prestigious fashion agencies in Milan, Italy.

Adriano is a fantastic photographer that works in Milan and surrounding counties.  

To see the website go to: www.adrianorotondo.com

Adriano Rotondo Fashion Photographer

image: adrianorotondo.jpg

By Magal Hezi