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SOME FORM OF NEWS: happy thoughts

Aug 23, 2011

Pacific Gates New Site

I’m happy to say that Pacific Garage Doors and Gates Inc., has released a completely redesigned website with mostly new content: www.pacificgatesinc.com.
For who doesn't know the company, they provide and install, troubleshoot and repair electric gates, gate equipment, entry keypads, telephone entry systems and other sophisticated access devices to beautify and secure any property.
The good peo­ple of Pacific Garage Doors and Gates con­tacted me and wanted to improve the web­site they had. I did the design, html, css, cms and SEO. We are very confident the new site will give a new light to the company's already fantastic reputation and the seo strategies applied will make pacificgatesinc.com a real online competitor.
08/09/2011: pacificgatesinc.com hits #1 on google for "gates repair" and "driveway gates repair" after only one month of SEO

Feb 1, 2011

Do i really need Search Engine Optimization?

During a recent trip to new york, i had the - so called - pleasure to meet new interesting people. The New York scene is so different from the one in Los Angeles, almost reminded me of the good times in Milan. While being introduced and constantly asked "what do you do for a living" I had the chance to experiment different reactions to different Job Careers. I remember introducing myself as Web designer, Web Developer and SEO Expert. While Web Designer and Web Developer are often confused as same jobs, SEO expert would appear to me as still seen as "not really a job". Most people i met think of it as a consultant who simply charges you for something you already knew how to do yourself. One particular question that I've been asked and i will never forget was: "If everyone is doing seo that what's the point?" I believe what this person meant, is if every architect in New York hired a seo expert to improve their search engine positioning, than the battle is a kind of a waste of time. Well this person was actually a restaurant owner that was just introduced to me and since i wanted to remain polite, i avoided answering to this obvious question with obvious answer. Well Mrs X, if you're reading this then the answer is obvious: You cannot afford not to have seo if you want to be competitive! If all your competitors are having website improvements, web marketing strategically done, then they will outbid you on any search engine. If you don't do something about it today, you will be lost in the mass. You Cannot afford not to do SEO on your website today. If you're coming up with a new website, a new business, think ahead, hire a SEO expert before you even buy your domain. Actually, before you even decide your new company Name!!! Be Smart, think SEO.

Nov 22, 2010

Announcing the Launch of My New Website

I would like to officially announce the launch of my newly designed website.
Feel free to browse the website and get see my past and current projects. Also keep in mind that the services that i provide include the following:
  • Website designing
  • Re-Design
  • Flash Animations
  • Website Maintenance
Website maintenance includes:
  • Updating and checking for any broken links in your website
  • Corrections to existing wordings on the pages or adding new content to the existing pages
  • Updating the scripts for any new browser compatibility
  • Changing the images or pictures in the existing pages to enhance the look and feel
I use the following technologies to develop database driven web sites:
Client side scripting:
  • Javascript
  • VBScript
  • Server side scripting:
  • ASP.NET (v2.0, v3.5)
  • ASP
  • PHP
Database Technologies:
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Access
Feel free to contact me with any question.

Nov 16, 2010

Finally my very own website

Since 2000 i have designed many websites but it is with great pleasure and also a little emotion, i can say and see my very own website taking shape. After many days of happy thoughts i found myself in many dilemmas: what format? what language? PHP? ASPX? Flash????
I then decided to finally put my hands on the still experimental HTML5. It was fun playing around with it and i really appreciated the simplification of the html tags. I then developed  the entire site with php strings.
Now that the skeleton is ready i started building up the web and the multimedia portfolio. 
The portfolio selection turned out to be a bit more complex then i thought. Apparently projects designed in 2002 can appear a bit old in 2010. I can really see the difference now, it's like seeing somebody after many years; definitely not what you remembered.
The choice of building a personal website, beside being way overdue, came due to a necessity to show my personal work and other web development projects to prospect customers. I am also considering the development of custom portal for customers to access and follow the development of their own - under going projects.
I guess in a few days the website will be ready to air! Beside the excitement to show friends, family and prospects (this very well kept secret) i am anxious to get the website launch party ready.
Stay tuned :)
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