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What do the fields mean when editing a page?

A list of the fields available in most of our websites is below. Depending on your website setup, you may not have access to everything listed here.

Content Type The type of page. Usually this will be 'Advanced Content' which provides additional options that 'Content' does not. Default is 'Content'. N/A
Title The header text that will show on the page itself, usually near the top. 'Our contact information'
Menu Text The text that will show for this page in the main menu. It can be the same as the Title, or you may wish to change it. 'Contact info'
Parent The parent of the current page. Any page without a parent will appear in the main menu bar on the public website. If you choose a parent, the the page will appear as a submenu of its parent instead. 'Contact'
Content The content that will appear on this page. 'Phone us or send us an email at the details below'
Page Specific Metadata Information associated with this page or website that is not displayed to visitors, such as keywords. By default, each new page has basic keywords entered. You can add further keywords to the list, separated with a comma. The keywords should relate to the page content, even if it the word is not included on the page itself. For example, you might list a number of customers or types of services provided. 'contact, call, phone, email, brisbane, online enquiry'