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How do I manage files and images?

Our websites allow you to upload files and images into your pages, giving you complete control over your content. (View tips on working with content)


Images can be managed with Image Manager, found under the 'Content' menu.

Image Manager allows you to upload image files, and includes basic editing capabilities. With it you can:

  • create folders and subfolders to help organise your images.
  • click the 'trash can' icon under any image to delete it.
  • click the 'pencil' icon under any image to modify it using crop, rotate, resize and other tools.

Other files

Files (including images) can be managed using File Manager, found under the 'Content' menu.

File Manager allows you to upload any file type, such as a PDF or Word document. Each file must be selected individually for upload.

File Manager does not include any image manipulation features.

IMPORTANT: Do not use File Manager to move/edit/delete photos in any Photo Gallery (if applicable) otherwise the gallery may not function correctly. Always use the Gallery, found under the 'Content' menu, to manage photo gallery images. Photo galleries are different to the 'Images' described in the section above.