Managing your website

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How do I edit a page on my website?

To edit an existing page on your website:

  1. Go to the 'Content' menu then 'Pages'.
  2. Click on any page name to edit it.
    • Note: Some pages may be 'hidden'. To display these pages in the list, click on the button 'Expand All Sections' at the top of the page. Some pages that are visible on the website may have been permanently hidden from your account as they contain specific code that does not need to be modified.
  3. Change the settings if required. (What these fields mean)
  4. Change the content if required. (Working with text, links, files and images)
    • Note: Some pages may include code which is used to display forms, products or other special information on the website. This code may look something like abc xyz="aaa". When editing the information on this page, please be very careful not to remove that code.
  5. Click on 'Submit' at the top or bottom of the page to save it and return to the list of pages. Alternatively you can click 'Apply' which will save your changes and allow you to continue editing.