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[Magal Hezi, circa 2013]
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It might interest you to know that Magal is a linguist of sorts.  He is fluent not only in the spoken languages of Italian, English and Hebrew, but of the unspoken languages of music, web design and promotion.  As early as high school, Magal studied graphic design and majored in industrial design at the Istituto Europeo di Design, and eventually went on to teach there as well. 

He helped to design and write Italy’s first online E-newspaper, and focused specifically on creating a web page for design and visual arts.  Freelance exhibition work and publications followed, and Magal eventually landed full time employ at Studio Gogo in Milan.  There he began developing his skills in another language -- that of client relations -- working with such names as KLM, Cerruti, Frette, MK, Maska and Costume National

Using those contacts, he moved to the United States and took the position as General Manager PromoImport, Inc. in Studio City, California, promoting and distributing Italian products in the United States.  One of his biggest clients was Caffarel, the famed Italian Chocolatier. 

Wishing to broaden his lexicon further, he returned to Milan to learn the dialect of advertising as an account manager for a year, before returning to the States to start his own company. 
His knowledge of so many different languages adds up to one language when it comes to
business: the language of success. 

Be it web design, promotion, consultation or search engine optimization, Magal Hezi hears you,
understands you, and will give his all to satisfy you. 

Whatever your needs are, Magal speaks your language.

Personal Publications

  • July 2005: Exhibition "30 under 30" published by The Consolor
  • April 2000: Exhibition "Contatto con Tatto" published by Spazio Casa
  • April 2000: Exhibition "Contatto con Tatto" published by Eyeware and Fashion
  • July 1999: Bags and accessory design published by General Marketing
  • July 1997: "Grande Abbraccio" published by Design Management